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    Hebei Construction Group, formerly known as the Central Ministry of Light northeast Engineering Company(1952Established)Textiles and textile industry in North China Bureau of the first construction and installation engineering company(1953Established),These two enterprises subordinate to the central1964Renamed after the merger of the North China Construction Engineering Works Administration second construction company,1997Formed in Hebei Construction Group Co., Ltd.,2017It changed its name to Hebei Construction Group Co., Ltd.,And to2017year12month15Day in Hong KongHSuccessfully listed shares.Registered capital. >[More>>]

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    Harmony House Conscientious person
    "Great human beings because of their dreams,Corporate culture and prosperity because."Hebei Construction Group60Many years of ups and downs,Carrying forward the tradition of Chinese culture,Collecting the essence of Confucian philosophy of management,The formation of the distinctive characteristics of"Family·people"culture.Over the years,Hebei Construction Group advanced cultural ideas to lead,Give full play to the role of corporate culture of cohesion. >[More>>]

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